After school and summer programs to promote and foster Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education in an interactive and engaging learning environment. We provide a  positive environment to give students the opportunity to achieve self-directed goals and problem-solve as part of a team.

Why are parents excited about the PCS Edventures Lab?


Because the Edventures Lab program…
  • introduces students career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • prepares students for the future through hands on experience with robotics, engineering, and programming.
  • builds confidence and self esteem in students as they work through challenges and conquer them.
  • helps students find their passion and their talents through experimentation and exposure to a variety of topics.
  • provides a safe place for all types of learners to feel free and confident to explore.
  • allows students access to expert help in a wide variety of technical topics.
  • prepares students for college careers in STEM topics.
  • excites and engages students about learning which makes school more fun.
  • improves student performance in school.
  • emphasizes common core skills that students need to develop for success in school.
  • provides access to equipment, ideas, energy, and projects that students can’t get anywhere else.
  • develops the 16 habits of mind which will make a student successful for life.
  • imparts deep content knowledge in a variety of subject areas that students explore on a regular basis.

Parent Testimonials

Parents see in amazing growth and positive changes in their children as a result of their PCS Edventures. Below are just a couple of the letters we receive. Read what excited parents have to say here: Parent Testimonials

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