PCS Edventures International

PCS Edventures! continues to expand its International presence and has worked with a variety of education projects and partners around the globe. PCS programs have been deployed into Germany, Singapore, S. Korea, Portugal, Micronesia, Pakistan, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and others. The following are a few examples of PCS partnerships and projects around the world.

PCS Edventures works closely with Intellecta Technologies, Pty. Ltd., in Australia. Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Intellecta has been providing innovative technology education solutions to Australian schools for over 13 years. Now, Intellecta is working closely with the Queensland Department of Education, Training and the Arts to bring PCS STEM solutions to Australia.

In 2011, PCS signed a commercial license agreement with Creya Learning of India to provide STEM content and support to Creya for the purposes of opening experiential learning centers throughout India. Creya opened their first center in Hyderabad in February of 2012 and is rapidly expanding their reach with additional locations and programs.

Under the direction of Dr. Mohammed Yasser Refai, Managing Director, Global Techniques is the exclusive distributor and licensee for PCS Edventures! in Egypt. Located in Cairo, Global Techniques has been instrumental in introducing PCS Learning Labs and solutions to the Middle East market as well as establishing localization and translation protocols for migrating PCS programs into Arabic. A primary focus of Global Techniques has been the promotion of PCS Early Childhood services to the region, promoting child centered learning practices to the Egyptian Ministry of Education and experimental school programs. Robotics competitions and project based learning implementations have been implemented into a variety of partner schools and organizations.

PCS Middle East
In 2005, PCS Edventures and Global Techniques formed a joint venture, PCS Middle East, to provide sales, service, and support to Arabic speaking countries throughout the Middle East. PCS Middle East has successfully deployed numerous pilots into the Middle East over the years and is presently developing comprehensive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics solutions customized for the Middle Eastern marketplace.