Classic Bluetooth Dongle


A classic Bluetooth dongle that enables wireless connectivity with The Brain microcontroller, which is included in the PCS robotics kit called RiQ. This dongle can be used with all devices that have Bluetooth capabilities, except an iPad which will require a BLE dongle. 

Price: $30.00

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Product Description

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Used with the PCS Brain microcontroller, part of the RiQ robot package, this dongle will allow you to communicate with your Brain wirelessly! Either using a tablet or bluetooth enabled computer, you can send programs created on the Cortex programming environment directly to your Brain to make it run. This Bluetooth dongle is compatible with laptop computers, desktop computers, and android tablet.


*If you are using an iPad, this dongle is not compatible! Be sure to check out the special Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) dongle offered. 

Price: $30.00