How Classes Work: Through activity-based, hands-on learning, students grades 4-12 will explore and develop skills in: 3D Design and Printing, Programming,  Engineering,  Computer-aided design Robotics & Much more This is accomplished using cutting-edge technology like 3D printers, solar powered robots & digital media. All the while, your student socializes with classmates and has a blast!

  • The Labs have been aesthetically designed to foster educational development and the organization of our sessions is most conducive to learning, as suggested by brain research.
  • We maintain a safe and welcoming environment with easy rules we all live by: being positive, respectful and safe.
  • In building projects such as robots, bridges, towers, gear trains, windmills, fans, simple machines, and much more, students work with the advanced building manipulatives of fischertechnik and Minds-I.
  • Our PCS Brain and Cortex are the robotic controller and programming language we wus to program robots to come to life.
  • PCS Edventures Lab is the solution to the STEM education need in the U.S. We are excited to be at the forefront of the National Initiative to increase STEM education in children and teens nationwide.