Our son rises up to challenges…

Our son rises up to challenges…

on May 19, 2013 in Parent Testimonials

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Peters Family Testimonial
Our son Josiah (14) has come alive and filled with passion since the introduction of PCS into his life. For many years we have searched for activities in life that fit our son’s identity, character, and passions from the outdoors to sports. He has expressed many likes and interests over the years but most have not caught his long term attention. Since PCS has came into Josiah’s life we have noticed him rising up to challenges, spending his own time and commitment to problem solving, and tackling both home and personal issues. It has brought a fun filled life and purpose back into the picture. We all appreciate the hard work and love poured out into this program, kids, and especially our son. Thank you so much to the PCS staff. We are looking forward to many adventures with PCS. and would encourage anyone to give them a try, it may be the very thing your son or daughter was created for.

Thank you,

Colby & Jennifer Peters

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