Fun, hands on, real application of concepts

Fun, hands on, real application of concepts

on Jul 19, 2013 in Parent Testimonials

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eidson“I have three children in PCS stem ages 7, 10 and 12. My 12 year old has definite interests in Science Technology Engineering and Math. He is soaking up information on Newton, Einstein, Gear ratios, physics, Fisher Technique and computer programming to name a few. He takes this knowledge and physically builds something. During the process of building he is creatively applying his knowledge and continually problem solving to achieve his desired result. This is much like what would be required of him in real life jobs. With guidance from the excellent instructors, deep understanding and appreciation of the complexity of the concepts occurs.

My 10 year old has little interest in Math or technology. The fun, hands on, real application of concepts are helping her to create pictures in her mind of what math and technology really mean. For her, many concepts have been transformed from a confusing jumble of numbers to real life applications that can do things, solve problems and even change lives….very exciting. My 7 year old is learning huge concepts early and is allowed to see, feel and create objects that utilize these concepts. Science , technology, engineering and math are thought of as fun. With the help of excellent teachers he is creating a solid base of understanding and knowledge to build upon. Whatever the level or depth of your child’s needs, PCS stem and the fun, creative instructors has much to offer them.”

— Mary

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