STEM education refers to the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and is well known now throughout the world as an interdisciplinary approach to teaching these subjects.  STEM education gives students real world experience and practical demonstrations of how STEM areas connect, overlap and blend.

STEAM education follows the same principles of interdisciplinary STEM topics, but also incorporates the “A” for the arts – recognizing that art, design, and creativity are deeply intertwined with successful scientific and engineering endeavors.  At PCS Edventures! we believe a well rounded education requires exposure to a variety of disciplines, skills and concepts.   In our LAB program STEAM is naturally evident as students combine technical skills with the arts – creating stories and worlds in games and videos and also designing beautiful machines that blend both the technical and the artistic.  Bring your student and come visit the LAB in Boise or Eagle in a personal tour and see it in action!

Merit Badge System

Students progress through our unique, non-competitive Merit Badge System in the fields of their interest or choice. The Merit Badge System is visually represented by a pyramid made up of rows of colored triangles. Each triangle represents a badge within any given discipline of STEAM. The levels are colored, with the base – or introductory level – for each badge being yellow. The second level in each badge is orange, followed by purple, blue, and so forth, with black representing complete mastery of a badge area.

Each badge consists of activities specific to that badge, regardless of color level or discipline. Activities include projects, challenges, and personal projects reflecting all you have learned. In order to “color-up,” or fill in an orange badge on the pyramid, you must have two supporting yellow base badges to hold up the orange.