EdventuresLAB Hands-on Education

WHAT IS PCS EdventuresLAB?

PCS EdventuresLAB is an after-school, camp and summer program designed to foster Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in an interactive and engaging guided learning environment. Students complete hands-on projects at their own pace as they learn fundamental STEAM concepts and principles.


Our program introduces students to career opportunities in STEAM prepares through hands on experience with robotics, engineering, and programming, and builds confidence and self esteem as students work through challenges and conquer them.


Using cutting-edge technology like 3D printers, solar powered robots & digital media, students work at their own pace in a safe and welcoming environment. Student success is recorded in the PCS Badge System – our adaptive learning framework. All the while, your student socializes with classmates and has a blast!


Students progress through our unique, non-competitive Merit Badge System in the fields of their interest or choice. Each badge consists of activities specific to that badge, regardless of color level or discipline.

Learn more about our Merit Badge System by clicking below.


After-school labs are designed to promote and foster Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math education in an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Learn how PCS EdventuresLAB can help your child excel and prepare for the future in STEAM fields.


Camps are for students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM). Held during school breaks, the positive PCS EdventuresLAB environment gives students the chance to achieve self-directed goals and problem-solve as part of a team or individually. Students learn concepts through hands-on projects and experiences that allow them to think outside the box in a safe environment. Each camp is capped at 12 students with a 4:1 ratio of students to instructors.


In our after-school STEAM education program, we guide students to find the point where passion and talents intersect. Students are challenged to think independently and learn important critical thinking skills as they are exposed to topics such as Robotics, Drones, Physics, Engineering, 3D Printing and more!


Check out what happens in the PCS EdventuresLAB and explore how PCS EdventuresLAB can help your child excel and prepare for the future in STEAM fields.

Learn about what EdventuresLAB program is, when and where it happens and for how long.


At PCS EdventuresLab, we foster an environment to unleash your child’s inner inventor, explorer, and engineer. Both locations are open for tours during our Open Houses and by appointment. Please see our calendar below for upcoming events and Open Houses.

If you would like to explore one of our labs, please contact us for a tour.