Wow – where to begin?! It all actually began in the 1980s when our teacher-founder started doing hands-on STEM education out of his garage before anyone had even heard the word STEM. Now, nearly 30 years later, we call it STEAM and PCS Edventures! programs literally span the globe with students learning robotics, engineering, electronics, video production, computer programming and much more in engaging, active environments designed from the ground up to stimulate and activate young minds.

The EdventuresLAB program captures our 30 years of educational experience and deploys our most sophisticated learning technology and curriculum into a powerful STEAM environment available for students grades 4 and up.

The EdventuresLAB program delivers a multi-year engineering and technology experience for students that introduces them to the how and why of engineering, technology, communications, collaboration and problem solving. These real-world skills are practiced and used in every LAB session preparing a student for successful careers regardless of the field. Four consecutive years of attending LAB and working through our adaptive learning pedagogy yields priceless results in student confidence, abilities and confidence in science and engineering.