What is STEM?
Learn more about how we integrate science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics in a kid-centered lab environment.

What is EdventuresLAB?
Through classes and camps young people have hands-on experiences with STEM. Learn more about how we track their progress.

What is the curriculum?
Through activity-based, hands-on learning, students are exposed to statics, dynamics, robotics, programming, and design aspects of STEM.

How much is tuition?
Youth classes are offered weekly and parents are billed monthly for those sessions. A registration fee is charged for all new students.

Who are the instructors?
Each of the sessions begin with a guided group discussion by an instructor. Instructors are on-hand to help challenge kids to discover.

What are parents and youth saying about their experiences at EdventuresLAB? What are they learning? What is it like? Take a look at find out.