After-school Program

PCS EdventuresLAB StudentPCS EdventuresLAB’s Weekly Lab Program is for students ages 9-17.  These labs give students opportunities to explore many different areas in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education including subjects like Robotics, Engineering, Game Development, Coding, Electronics, and more!

The labs start with a 15 minute lesson which is based on the topic for the month.  These lessons are hands-on and presented in a fun and interesting way, exposing the students to subject areas they may have never considered.

After the lesson, students spend the remaining hour working on their individual projects.  Those projects could be in the same topic area as the lesson if they are interested in exploring that further.  Otherwise, students choose what they’d like to work on based on our badge system and curriculum.  Earning badges for projects completed, students strive to color-up in the badge system and become closer to expert level in many different STEAM areas.

The labs are meant to be an ongoing program that are billed and scheduled monthly.  Students can start up at any time throughout the year/month.  Some people have been coming to lab for years while others come for a few months, take a break for sports, and return when their schedule slows down.  Students see the benefits in school interest and motivation, more attuned problem solving skills, and technical reasoning triggering the left and the right sides of the brain when they are committed to the program for a length of time.

To try out the program and see if it’s a good fit, we are currently offering 50% off for the first 4 weeks with a savings of $62.50.  A $25 registration fee includes a Robot T-shirt, USB Wristband, and a Lab Badge.  To get signed up, order your first 4 weeks online or reach out to Nikki by email at or call (208) 343-3110, ext 102.